Keeping up with technology in sci-fi writing

Keeping up with technology in sci-fi writing


Scientific discoveries are moving faster than ever before. If you include elements of science in your writing, by the time it comes to print, chances are it will be old news. I once asked my creative writing tutor, “So, how do I keep my story up to date with technological and scientific advances? “

 She replied, “Be creative.”

 Well duh!

 She’s right though.

I know from my own writing, that it is hard not to just use the technological breakthroughs that are already out there, because they are so amazing. But that’s science fact, not science fiction.

 I read articles that are relevant to my story and research that particular subject matter further. I need to understand how it works before I can use it in my narrative. If I don’t understand what I’m reading because the science is over my head, then I either don’t use it, or make it more fantastical. I think incorporating real scientific and technological discoveries and inventions can help to make the incredible seem credible. 

 Take the idea of invisible cloaking. Not so long ago it was the stuff of make-believe, but today, it is fact. (


I’ve used it in my book “Echoes from the Lost Ones” published by Fable Press. I did so because I read about it last year and it intrigued me. I have taken the idea further by giving the material somewhat mystical powers. The ‘Synthbag’, as I call it, makes things put inside weightless as well as invisible. Maybe tomorrow I’ll read an article about substances that are lighter than air.

 Oh, wait I think I did a couple of months ago! (

 And what about 3D printing? Not so long ago it was unheard of, but now you can buy them over the internet.


 There’s another good article about 3D printing putting it into perspective:

 Science always catches up with fiction. Just think of Star Trek. Replicators-laser guns-e-books etc. We live in a world of constant change and advancements in all fields of science and technology, as writers of science fiction it is getting harder to come up with ideas that aren’t already out there.

 I feel a challenge coming on – what crazy science ideas do you have?


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