Choosing a Book Cover Image

After deciding to self-publish my collection of short stories, and rejecting the cover I wanted to use (because of copyright laws) I thought it best to use one of my own photographs. Instead of the collection being called Rousseau’s Suburban Jungle after a story in the anthology, I chose to name it Glimmer, after another tale.

This word conjured up all sorts of ideas of light and twinkling images and I spent many days rifling through my photographic collection until I saw a few pictures that I felt would be appropriate. I then narrowed it down to two.


I preferred the last one and after fiddling around for ages, chose a different photograph! Well, not so different actually. I then played around with colour:



Although I really liked the blue version, I felt that the red would have more impact. A graphic designer friend very kindly offered to format the layout and graphics for me:

glimmer front cover2

And after a few tweaks, the final result:

glimmer-Cover full 2

I really liked it and the book was launched on 1-1-14.

You can purchase a Kindle or paperback copy on:


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