Behind the Lens and the Pen: March Author Spotlight Nikki McDonagh

So grateful to The Review Board for this wonderful Author Spotlight. Thanks nolabels:)

The Review Board

Greetings!  No Labels here!

For our March Author Spotlight, I am honored to interview Nikki McDonagh.  Unique in photography as well as in writing, I wanted to delve deeper to find out what’s behind both.


Nicola “Nikki” McDonagh
The Song of Forgetfulness Facebook Page
Amazon Author Page
Tracerlight (photography website)

1.  What are five things about yourself that you’ve never told anyone?

(a) I cheat at Sudoku.
(b) I kissed a toad, and I liked it. (I was only nine at the time and thought it would turn into a Prince. It didn’t. It just let loose its bladder all over my hand.)

(c) I sing to the moon from the Summer House in my garden.
(d) I was thrown out of Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral, for singing James Brown- “Get Up Offa That Thing”.
(e) I pluck grey hairs from my fringe- and other places.

Wow, Nikki! Funny you…

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