Kate Jack’s book choice, Nicola J McDonagh

This is a wonderful author spotlight of my works by Katrina Jack. Thank you Katrina!


Another writer of Dystopian fantasy, Nicola J McDonagh has so many reviews, all singing the praises of her work on her amazon pages, I’m green with envy.  McDonagh’s writing is descriptive, fast paced, and ideal for young adults. The opening chapter of Echoes from the lost ones, grabs you by the throat and hauls you into the world she’s created: I felt a calloused hand grab onto my wrist and haul me into the relative light. His grip was strong, but not as much as the pong that drifted from the group of raggedy youths I was surrounded by. (Copyright Nicola J McDonagh)

The first two books follow on from each other, and the third is a collection of stories. All three are well worth reading, and as I said, the reviews support this. So drop by Nicola’s amazon pages and have a browse.

Echoes cover


A Silnce Heard cover sml





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