The Perils of Publishing

Now that my publishers have closed down, I am due to regain the selling rights for my YA dystopian/sci-fi series, The Song of Forgetfulness.

When I heard they were going under, I had mixed feelings. Part of me was pleased, as I wasn’t all that happy with them, but part of me was somewhat nervous. What now? What is going to happen to all my hard work researching and writing these two novels?

I had some options:

1.    Try to get an agent and a traditional publishing contract

2.    Send my manuscripts off to other Indie publishers. (Already had a few interested.)

3.    Self-publish.

I considered all three options.

Having heard lots of depressing stories from fellow authors about traditional publishing, I decided not to go there on this occasion. Besides, I’m still not sure about the value of an agent unless it is one with a credible track record. Since I’m not a best selling author, or any way near that, I figured a reputable agent wouldn’t want me on their books. Another reason to opt out of traditional publishing.

Since I had such a bad experience with a small publisher, they take 70% of royalties, whilst I do all the marketing and promotion, plus their editing and book covers were pretty sub-standard, I knew that I would not go down that road again.

The third option seemed to me to be the most logical. I have already self-published a collection of short stories, Glimmer and other stories, and although sales aren’t fabulous, I do sell some books on a regular basis. With my publishers I sold hardly any, if at all.

glimmer front red 2

With no promotional skills whatsoever, I decided to pay for an online book-marketing course. Wow! What an eye-opener. I didn’t realise there was so much that a self-published author can do to generate readers/fans and ultimately, sales. I am still learning, but have been working very hard to try and make sure that I do things right this time.

So, it’s just over a week to go before the ALL NEW versions of Echoes from the Lost Ones and A Silence Heard are re-launched. All with brand new book covers.



But, wait, there’s more!!

A Prequel, which will be book 1, Whisper Gatherers, is also being launched.


Watch this space for more news about how you can get Free copies!

Yes, that’s right – FREE COPIES!!!!

Also, a short story about our heroine Adara, called Changeling Fog, will be a FREE DOWNLOAD


I’m actually excited!

Wish me luck?

You can learn more about The Song of Forgetfulness here:

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11 thoughts on “The Perils of Publishing

  1. You’re right about the ‘perils’ of publishing. I am ready to sever ties with my small publisher, and the book’s not even published yet! One thing it has taught me; I am always going to self-publish in the future! Good luck with your promoting….

  2. Good luck with the relaunches. Why don’t you approach agents at the same time as self-publishing; they’re not averse to books that are already on the market. Having spent two years swimming against the self-publishing tide I’m going in the opposite direction to you with my latest and lining up agents left right and centre.

    If you’re novels are as good as the short stories in Glimmer I’m sure there’ll be agents prepared to call in the manuscripts.


    • I may just do that in the future, Chris. Thanks for your positive comments about Glimmer.I have some excellent reviews for the YA books, so I guess they are up there with Glimmer. I wish you all the luck in the world with your books and I’m sure you’ll get the right agent.

  3. You seem to be doing it all right, Nikki. Hope it works. Like Chris says, it doesn’t hurt to keep plugging away at the agent list. I’ve never had any luck, but you never know. It only takes one with better literary taste than the pack 🙂

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