Easy HTML for Return to Top links and More!

Great tips for improving your blog posts.


Have you noticed when visiting some of my challenges how you can click a word and skip around the page? I call those Page Jumps or Skips. I’ve written articles here on how to do several different kinds, but today I’ll show you two bits of HTML code you can use to do several things. Believe me when I say this is a lot simpler than you may think, or it may look at first. No, I didn’t learn this in a school. If I did I probably would know some proper names for things. I’m a lay person about this stuff an try to give it to you in simple English, while using some proper jargon.


What’s HTML? It means Hyper-Text Markup Language. Glad you asked? Make more sense to you now? Me neither. How about “a standardized system for tagging…

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