All About #Google+ for #Writers…

Great information for understanding Google+ and how it can work for indie authors.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Excerpt from an interesting article on SavvyBookWriters:

More than 625,000 People join Google+ EVERY DAY, according to Digital Buzz and Huffington Post statistics. Before I even joined Twitter, GooglePlus (Google+) was my first Social Media network of choice. I loved the beautiful images and videos that appeared on my timeline. And I am stealing a couple of minutes every day to scroll down and share, or at least place a “plus sign”, on interesting posts.

#1 Social Media for Professionals:

Participating on Google+ – also written GooglePlus – gives you an advantage at search engine results: your posts are automatically included in Google’s Search Engine. What better then combine social media networking and at the same time your visibility on the Internet! Google+ has now the title of being the world’s second largest social network. It’s a no-brainer to use the many benefits for authors and publishers. And don’t forget…

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