Book Launch Black Danube

Today I want to tell you about a brilliant Historical Murder Mystery book by Nik Grybaski called Black Danube.

4 Leo Katz blue-grey yellow

A little bit about the Author:

Nik Grybaski lives in the shadows of the worlds Nik creates.

A writer, photographer, baker and gin enthusiast, Nik enjoys nature and watching obscure black and white films. Nik has been writing for many years. Sharing stories but never publishing them, until now.

Black Danube came to Nik when he was washing away cat wee from the kitchen floor. To this day Nik does not know how cleaning inspired this book.

Nik Grybaski

I’ve worked closely with Nik so I am somewhat biased when I say that this book is really good. I loved all of the characters and was delighted to see Gustav Klimt and Dora Kallmus as characters in there too.  But don’t take my word for it here is the blurb and a few paragraphs from the first chapter:

Black Danube:

1899, fin de siècle Vienna. A young man is found dead, his face mutilated – his fiancée, the prime suspect.

Crime photographer Leo Katz has proof she is not guilty. But to save the innocent woman from the gallows, he risks revealing that he is a fraud and on the run.

As Leo unmasks the sordid network of vice behind the city’s elegant facades, he realises the gruesome death is a smokescreen for more depraved crimes.

Can he face his demons, expose his true identity, and put his life in danger to bring the murderers to justice?

Snippet Chapter One:

I stood on the platform of the Kaiser Franz Josef Railway station in bare feet. I had no luggage or hat. People shuffled past, taking side-long looks, shaking their heads as if to say, ‘Ah, another penniless immigrant. Vienna is going to the dogs.’

The top two buttons on my dark brown waistcoat popped open. I clutched at my chest, hunched my shoulders, and pulled my gaberdine tight to hide my defective attire. A high-pitched whistle blew and a cloud of light grey smoke surrounded me. Metal wheels scraping along the track screeched so loud I thought I would never hear again. Gradually, the noise faded. I wiped moisture left by the steam train from my face and tried to focus. But my eyes were fuzzy as though I had indulged in an excess of alcohol.

I unfastened my stiff shirt collar to let in some air and scuttled to the exit. Once outside I halted in front of the grand pillared entrance. Not daring to move, in case I loosened more buttons on my constrictive garments, I observed the washed out faces of men and women walking along the street. They stared ahead not looking at anything or anyone. I blinked rapidly. They shimmered and faded becoming nothing more than ghost-like figures floating above the raised wooden pavements.

A swirling wind blew the phantoms away. It caught at my coat-tails, whipping them up and down so fast I almost took to the air. I held onto them until the gusts decreased and glanced down the steps. At the bottom lay my absent black shoes. Heels broken, soles ripped off halfway, they gaped open like the mouths of dying fish.

The Ebook for Black Danube is on offer at only $0.99 £0.99 until 4th September. Click below to grab your copy of this thrilling, twist turning book:

4 Leo Katz blue-grey yellow

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Twitter:      @NikGrybaski 

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