Life Imitating Art

I was reading the news today and saw an article about the first food safe 3D printers that can produce chocolate.

I got all excited.

In my book Echoes from the Lost Ones, Adara, the heroine, has her own self replicating chocolate.

Image “Wirt raised his head and despite the muck and spittle that ran down his chin, he gave a whisper of a smile to me. I wiped his face with the sleeve of my tunic, rummaged in my Synthbag and handed him some Sterichoc.

“Ye sure ye want to part with such a treasure?”

“Keep stum about this. It’s Sterichoc.”

“I believed that to be a lie.”

“No, all true. Self-replicating choc. Or it would be, if I had the DNA and the 3D imaging device. But I have enough to keep me indulged for a while, I think”

Wirt sniffed the sweetness and gulped it down in one. “Such meltiness and sweet-sweet flavour. This truly is a wonder of wonders.”

“Time for glorifying later. Up we get,” I said and we walked back to Oakhome, the groans of Aiken fading in the mist.”



I never thought that I would be one step ahead of science!

Here’s the link to the video: 3D chocolate: