Exclusive – Book Cover Reveal

At last! the cover for the second book in The Song of Forgetfulness  sci-fi/dystopian series, is out!!


A Silence Heard continues the story of Adara, and her desperate search for the missing Meeks – gifted young ‘uns. As a taster I have posted a small extract from the book. In this scene Adara and her companions have landed in Agro headquarters, and have encountered the Agro menace for the first time. The book itself is due for publication on 6th May 2014.

“A swishing sound halted our progress. It came from one of the structures to our left and we turned to see two bullmales exit from an oblong hole in the centre. They moved towards us and the hole closed. I blinked and no matter how hard I tried, I could not see where the doorway had been. Eadgard stepped in front and pushed Kendra and myself behind him. Wirt, stood to his right and Marcellus to his left. I nestled up against Eadgard’s back and took in long breaths to slow the pace of my heart.

The Agro guards marched closer.

I poked my head around Eadgard’s bod just enough to spy the males. I had never seen an Agro up close and was full of apprehension. Those Carnies I believed to be Agro were merely fake and did not represent their form at all. I imagined Agros to be huge and bulky, with tiny eyes and big claw like hands. In short, I supposed them to be more beast than hominid. But as they approached, I saw, with some disappointment, that they were not so different from us in shape and size. They carried fierce weapons that looked as though they could both poke and bludgeon at the same time. I did not want to cause further palpitations by imagining said weapons being used on me and mine, so took to gazing upon their person instead.

No two hominids could be more similar in appearance. They were tall and thin with patchy black and grey stubble splattered over much of their long sunken-cheeked faces. They wore the same uniform, an all-in-one blood red trouser suit made from a strange sparkly material. They stopped in front of us and aimed the weapons at our heads.

One of them stepped forward and lowered his weapon, “Follow,” he said. His voice was deep and boomy. His eyes were a dull brown and no light seemed to come from them. The other stared blankly at us and I felt Eadgard’s spine stiffen.” 

The moon as inspiration

I was stuck editing the second book in the series ‘The Song of Forgetfulness’. I didn’t know how to start a particular chapter.

I wandered around the house- didn’t take long, small house- and looked out of the bedroom window. Clouds parted in the star free night sky, and there was the moon looking down at me as if to say, “Oh, get on with it.”



Then I took a photo of it. Thanks moon.


You can take a look at an exclusive excerpt from the as yet unreleased second book in the series, ‘The song of Forgetfulness on my Facebook page.