Author Spotlight – Hannelore Moore

I would like to introduce to you the wonderful Historical Romance author – Hannelore Moore.

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Could you tell us a little about yourself and your typical day?

I have always wanted to be an author, but I really got serious in 2006, when a close friend of mine earned his Master’s degree in creative writing. As I watched him present his thesis, I thought, “Wow! How great is that? Getting an advanced degree for doing something you love!” So I decided to apply and muddled through until I graduated in 2009. I’m not really sure someone can be taught to write, but attending classes and having deadlines and a structure made me put stuff down on paper. That was the most valuable thing about that program, and I’m so glad I did it!

I have a full-time job, so my weekdays are pretty busy with non-creative stuff. At the end of the day, unless I’m truly inspired or in the middle of something, I tend to have a glass of wine, listen to music, and mess about on social media, especially lately. I think you’ve mentioned this yourself, Nikki, that once we’ve finished a book, we have to spend a lot of time promoting it, so I’ve been on Facebook and Twitter more frequently these last few months.

Since my poor old dog TrevOrr is slowing down, I tend to hang out with him and don’t go out as much as I used to. Weekends are spent lounging and attempting to write. I have a couple of friends who drag me out for charity dog walks, movies, or food. I appreciate that they get me away from this monitor every once in a while.

 Tell us about your novel The Ice Goddess.

The Ice Goddess is about Evangeline Grey, an introverted woman who has lost everyone important to her. When she finds out that her guardian is going to force her into marriage so he can get his hands on her pending fortune, she manages to escape, but in the winter of 1752, it’s hard for a woman alone to survive, especially when she’s making the long trek from York to London. On the way, she meets Kendall Beaumont, a second son who has been banished to the north to learn responsibility by managing a rundown family property. The two make a pact – Kendall shelters Evangeline by pretending to be her husband, and she helps him transform the crumbling wreck of a house he’s inherited into a real home. They keep up this facade until she turns twenty-one and becomes eligible to claim her inheritance. During their time together, Evangeline learns how to break out of her icy shell, and, because of her steadying influence, Kendall begins, finally, to grow up. They fall in love, of course! That’s probably a spoiler, but you knew it was coming. And there’s much more that happens after that!


In the bitter winter of 1752, Evangeline Grey is determined to return to London, claim her inheritance, and lead a solitary, uneventful existence. York holds too many sad memories for her now, and she’s ready to leave it behind.

When she finds out that her guardian has designs on her — and her pending fortune — Evangeline manages to escape, but her journey south is fraught with uncertainty and danger. Mourning the murder of her brother, still reeling from her aunt’s recent death, and close to penniless until she finds her way back to London, she’s never been more alone.

And then, on a desolate Northern English moor, she meets a benevolent stranger who changes everything.

Kendall Beaumont is a man running from a few demons of his own. On his way to his home in remote Almsborough, he stops to help the pretty, young runaway. The future seems fairly bleak for the both of them — until he decides to make her an offer she can’t refuse…

When did you decide to become a writer and publish your work?

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I actually decided to self-publish my first novel Tower Bridge last year via CreateSpace. Although I haven’t sold many copies, I’ve found an amazing network of writers on social media. This is great because so many folks, like you, for example, are so supportive. It’s also daunting because I’ve realized how many other books are out there. Getting a new publication noticed is a feat!

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I read that as a teenager you wrote and illustrated a graphic novel, could you give us more information about that?

I was really into it! I loved Marvel comics, especially. I completed a few stories about the Avengers and the X-Men. The Avengers were my favorite. I loved The Scarlet Witch and The Vision and the strange, complicated relationship they had. My family moved a lot since then, so I think my early attempts at graphic novels are lost to the ages. A shame.

Would you consider writing a graphic novel now?
I have considered it. My drawing is really rusty, though, and you know how self-doubt brings you down. With Tower Bridge and The Ice Goddess, I’ve been playing with illustrations on my blog for promotion purposes, so I’m hoping that I’ll get used to drawing again and be brave enough to branch out. Anything is possible, right? I mean, a year ago, I had no idea I would be the published author of a historical romance!

What is your favourite genre to write in and why?

I think that I like contemporary literary fiction the most. I appreciate that it’s straightforward and non-sentimental. Although I suppose that you can write that way in any genre. One of my newest favorite authors Kate Rothwell has proven to me that romance doesn’t have to be flowery and sappy. In any case, after I finish my next historical romance, I would like to try my hand at another contemporary novel.


Where do you get your ideas?

I’m inspired a lot by music and the UK. I tend to have a lot of musicians in my stories. I guess I always wanted to be a rock star myself! And I’ve always been drawn to the UK. Not sure why. Maybe I lived there in another life, but I find the history, architecture, and landscape fascinating.

Do you have a favourite author?

I do! Nick Hornby, without a doubt.

If so, why?

He makes writing look so easy. What an amazing skill that is! He’s funny, too, which is hard to pull off in writing. His dialogue is amazing and I really care about his characters, as self-absorbed and clueless as many of them are.

Do you have a writing routine?

Not really. I can write anywhere at anytime, but I have to be on a roll. I think, maybe, I am more apt to write in the morning, but that’s not always the case.

Do you have a favourite character in your book and why?

I tend to like my boys. Stan, the guitarist in Tower Bridge, is such a pillock, but he was so much fun to write! And then there’s Kendall in The Ice Goddess. So many romance heroes are cynical and cold. Kendall is just the opposite. Even though he is somewhat irresponsible, he’s a good guy. Kind, talkative, and vulnerable, but brave when he has to be. And a musician, too. I have a thing for those musicians, apparently.

If you could spend a day in a book as your favourite character, who would you be, what book would it be, and why?

Hm. That’s a very good question. I guess it would be interesting to be Claire in Outlander and experience the 18th century (and Jamie Fraser) first hand (I hope that doesn’t come off as a double entendre). Only the first book, though. I’m not crazy about the sequels. But she and Jamie share a fierce, true love, and it would be amazing to feel such a strong connection. Or Jean Grey/Phoenix in X-Men, who has awesome powers and two strong men in love with her.

What are you working on at the moment?

Three things! I really want to finish these. One is another historical novel based loosely on Katherine Fanshawe, the first female highwayman in England. The second is inspired by Ealing Broadway, a short story I wrote about the 2011 London riots – I’d like to build a novel around the mother and son in that. And the third is a short story about the Beatles 1966 US tour. All the characters in those are anxiously waiting for me to tell them what to do next.


Thank you so much Hannelore for your brilliant answers and a brief insight into your world and the books you write.

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