Frost and Sparkle

This morning the garden was covered in a layer of white frost. Dewdrops glittered in the sunlight and my green house was covered in crazy ice patterns.

Despite the cold I ventured out with my camera and macro lens and took some pictures. The light was just perfect and bounced off blades of grass tipped with frozen water droplets that sparkled like diamonds.

Normally I’m keen to make sure that the photos are in perfect focus, but after taking a few pictures and seeing how magical they looked slightly blurred, I decided to continue with the hazy look.

I wonder if I could use some of the images as a cover for a short story or two?

Or maybe I should pick one of the photographs and create a story around it?






Glimmer – Published


I see a macrocosm made up of swirling silhouettes and geometric shapes that aren’t strange to me at all. This is where I live now, in x-ray blackness.

So, my self-published short story collection entitled Glimmer, has just been published on Amazon in Kinlde format.

The paperback will be appearing shortly!

It’s all a bit scary.